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Monster Hunter Bar Game Fan Must To Go in Shinjuku 2018


There is no reason for you to refuse visiting this fantastic bar if you’re a big fan of video games——Monster Hunter World themed. If you are a game fan, I am very sure this game is still displayed on your PSN’s friend list. Last week I visited Monster Hunter  Bar located in Shinjuku. Not only was the environment 100% based...

These Cats Make Dreams Come True at Gotokuji Temple


Rose and I decided that this year was gonna be the year we set out to make our dreams come true. He wants to find a cure for his thinning dreads, and I want to find a great girl. What better place to make these wishes  come true than Gotokuji Temple. Gotokoji is very famous for it's abundant amount...

Horror and Retro Arcade Games Were Never a Better Combination


It's ya boy Rose, and today our new reporter Megumi and I decided to go back to my home in China to celebrate the Lunar Festival. Well, that was sort of a lie, but we did manage to visit a horror house and game center called "Warehouse Kawasaki"  located in, well, Kawasaki, that had a Chinese sort of atmosphere...

Get Lost for Hours With Pachinko and Slots


Have you ever heard of pachinko and slot?Pachinko and slots is one of Japan's establishments of entertainment and has a rich history for more than have a century. This time I, Rose, got the chance to experience Japanese milestone pachinko and slot. The name of the place is THE CITY BELLE CITY Kawasaki location, located just outside of Kawasaki station. The...

Rare and Exotic Eats in Yokohama Punish Your Tongue


https://youtu.be/X2O62k8hEkoI never thought the day would come where I would sit down and stuff a cockroach in my mouth. Well I did just that at a a place called Chinjuuya in Noge, Yokohama. The name of the place literally means rare beasts and that's just what was served. Although the list goes on and on, Myself, Mike and a...

Sing Anime Songs Here to Feed Your Otaku Desires | STARS


Something that has been popping up more in Japan's otaku sub-culture is anisong karaoke, a place where you can sing anime songs. Anime isn't anything new to us in the west, but recently I can't help but feel that more and more people are becoming more interesting in the intro and outros songs of various anime. Of course here...

JOYSOUND Brings an Excellent Karaoke Experience


If there is one thing that is not a secret about Japan, that would have to be karaoke. If you just walk around Tokyo it won't take you but probably 5 minutes (if that) to see the flashing lights of a karaoke building. On this particularly evening, we decided to go to one of our favorite franchises. JOYSOUND who...

Cafe in The Sky, or Tree Rather


After our success finding a great cafe at Center Kita, Yokohama, I decided it might be nice to try out another cafe called Nanja Monja Cafe off of Yokohama's Blue Line, this time near a station called Mitsuzawa Shimochou that has been getting some attention lately. I had heard rumors of a cafe that was situated in a small...

Wanna Come To My Place For Karaage?


Izakaya's (Japanese pubs) are far from lacking in Japan. I mean what's there to hate? The menus are packed with a variety of dishes and drinks. Their usually are big crowds with friendly people and typically the service is quite good. We got all that and a bag of chips at a place called "Orenchikuru?" literally meaning "Wanna come...

LUIDA’S BAR is Everything You Could Expect From Dragon Quest


As a recent fan of the "Dragon Quest series" (I started with the recent "Dragon Quest XI"), I can say I was thoroughly pleased with LUIDA'S BAR. Of course the inside of the place is everything you can expect from "Dragon Quest": legendary swords from the heroes of the series are mounted on the wall, giant barrels sat vertically to...



Nagoya Meshi Masters, Gomitori

You find yourself sitting in an old wooden building, surrounded by strange artifacts. Someone comes by and offers you a menu filled with local...