Horror and Retro Arcade Games Were Never a Better Combination


It’s ya boy Rose, and today our new reporter Megumi and I decided to go back to my home in China to celebrate the Lunar Festival. Well, that was sort of a lie, but we did manage to visit a horror house and game center called “Warehouse Kawasaki”  located in, well, Kawasaki, that had a Chinese sort of atmosphere (check the video to get a better idea). From the entrance you’ll encounter different horror elements like hanging chickens on hooks, a weary atmosphere, and strange noises which makes you wonder what part of this place actually has a game center?

However, once you make your way up to the 2nd floor, sure enough there was a huge game center with tons and tons of classic arcade games. Original Street Fighter, an old style Tetris where you manipulate the pieces with a giant rod, and even a boxing game to put those muscles to work were some of the many games offered.

This is definitely a great place to bring a date or a group of friends (assuming they can handle the horror elements on the first floor). You can get lost for hours in just the arcade alone. I know I’ll be back to Warehouse Kawasaki, and you should check it out for yourself too!