Get Lost for Hours With Pachinko and Slots


Have you ever heard of pachinko and slot?Pachinko and slots is one of Japan’s establishments of entertainment and has a rich history for more than have a century. This time I, Rose, got the chance to experience Japanese milestone pachinko and slot.

The name of the place is THE CITY BELLE CITY Kawasaki location, located just outside of Kawasaki station. The area is loved by all the locals and is constantly bustling. This particular pachinko parlor can have as many as 1000 people make their way inside from morning.

For my first time playing pachinko I was a bit anxious but once I tried it I thought the  the sound and light production was very excited and I got hooked quickly. Of course it’s even better when you win! Besides the popular anime “Fist of the North Star”, there are many machines that are based off over various anime you can enjoy.

The slots are on the second floor and are also in collaboration with many different anime titles. Especially for me who loves anime, it was a very exciting experience. I could got lost in playing their machines there for hours. Finally you can exchange the medals you get from the pachinko balls for various kinds of prizes so if you visit Kawasaki make sure to try out THE CITY BELLE CITY Kawasaki!