Rare and Exotic Eats in Yokohama Punish Your Tongue


https://youtu.be/X2O62k8hEkoI never thought the day would come where I would sit down and stuff a cockroach in my mouth. Well I did just that at a a place called Chinjuuya in Noge, Yokohama. The name of the place literally means rare beasts and that’s just what was served. Although the list goes on and on, Myself, Mike and a friend had camel, snake, sea lion, kangaroo, crocodile, and cockroaches to name a few. Overall the flavor is quite good on almost all the dishes excluding the sea lion, that was just….bad. The cockroach was obviously one of the hardest things for me to stomach, but actually the flavor was quite nice. I have to say if anything will turn you off it would be the texture (seriously feelings the legs was crazy). Overall though, if you want a little excitement and feel up to the challenge, Chinjuuya is the place to eat the things you shouldn’t.