Monster Hunter Bar Game Fan Must To Go in Shinjuku 2018


There is no reason for you to refuse visiting this fantastic bar if you’re a big fan of video games——Monster Hunter World themed.

If you are a game fan, I am very sure this game is still displayed on your PSN’s friend list. Last week I visited Monster Hunter  Bar located in Shinjuku. Not only was the environment 100% based on the game world, but there was also more than 100 different kinds of food and drinks on the menu. All of them inspired from Monster Hunter World. As a rookie hunter, I tried MEGA PORTION which has 3 cups of flavors in the combo. So you can mix it to make yourself an Antidote. I also enjoyed the WELL-DONE STEAK. It is also very necessary for a rookie hunter like myself. lol Anyway that is just a short part of menu. There is also a good community to let hunters get to know each other. You can play games with your friend, and also drop a hunter card to board. Make sure you don’t miss the limited goods in Monster Hunter World Bar. I mean, this is a paradise for hunters all over the world. Look at Yacon’s happy face, it will tell you everything.

Monster Hunter  Bar


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