Dougen Ramen, a paradise for tasting WAGYU

Whats more rare than a name like Takadanobaba? How about a bowl of チャーギュウ麺の極み Special Chaagyou Ramen. With only 10 Bowls sold a day...

「Ora Ora Ora Ora」brings you a perfect JOJO’s food

MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! (Useless!Useless! ・・・) No, I'm not crazy. LOL. These famous lines are from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3. Just as you can see from the...

Matcha Fondu is the Gift From God We Never Knew

Two things. Matcha and Cholocate. Although this isn't an original concept at this point, the ingeniousness behind the store Cha-Nabe Cafe is the way they...

These Cats Make Dreams Come True at Gotokuji Temple

Rose and I decided that this year was gonna be the year we set out to make our dreams come true. He wants to...

Ghibli Sweets Will Brighten Your Day

Ghibli is among one of Japan's biggest succeses in the animation scene and what isn't to love about it? With many cute distinctive classic...

Horror and Retro Arcade Games Were Never a Better Combination

It's ya boy Rose, and today our new reporter Megumi and I decided to go back to my home in China to celebrate the...

Get Lost for Hours With Pachinko and Slots

Have you ever heard of pachinko and slot?Pachinko and slots is one of Japan's establishments of entertainment and has a rich history for more...

Fun Ghibli Good’s Store in Kamakura

Ghibli is one thing that is known all over Japan. As you may also know, it has gain quite a bit of popular for...

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