Japanese Hamburg Steak Done Right With Stone Burg


Although steaks are not unique to only Japan, their take on hamburg steak is quite refreshing. To give you a good example of this, we visited Stone Burg in Kawasaki’s Lazona. Lazona is a massive shopping area in just outside of Kawasaki station. Besides the array of clothes apparel stores and large departments, there are also a handful of very good restaurants.

Upon entering Stone Burg We noticed the cowboy and wild west theme chosen for the restaurant. For a moment I thought I was back in the mid west. Either way, this really set the vibe for the place as the pallet did consist of steak. Although the actual steaks can get a bit pricey, for lunch they do offer a variety of sets that are quite reasonable. I went with a hamburg, chicken and vegetable set, and my coworker Mike ordered cut up seasoned steak. In addition, you can also add different toppings such as fried shrimp, a fried egg and a baked potato to name a few.

The portions were just right and if you are a bit more on the hungry side, if you get the rice or bread set, it’s free refills. As far as the main course, my hamburg was very tender, although it was silently pink in the center, the waitress reassured me that the beef is prepared in a way that even if cooked on the rarer side, it’s perfectly safe. I’m glad it was though because the tenderness and the juice from the meat were fabulous. Mike’s spicy cut steak was also very tender and had a lot of flavor with the sauce.

Overall, Stone Burg is a great introduction for Japanese hamburg steak. I should not one of the key features of the place is the choice of sauces they offer for your steaks. I went with the wafuu (japanese style) dressing which is a mix of daikon radish, wasabi, and soy sauce and it was killer! If you are hungry and are craving something meaty this may quench animalistic appetite.