These Cats Make Dreams Come True at Gotokuji Temple


Rose and I decided that this year was gonna be the year we set out to make our dreams come true. He wants to find a cure for his thinning dreads, and I want to find a great girl. What better place to make these wishes  come true than Gotokuji Temple. Gotokoji is very famous for it’s abundant amount of maneki neko (window shop cat dolls) that adorn the temple. If you visit, you will see them just the left side of the temple in all their glory. The story behind the maneki neko is quite long-winded but basically they bring you good luck, so after making praying at the temple, and writing your wish on an ema (small plank you write messages on) and hanging it, I recommend buying a small maneki neko from the shop next to the temple. Make sure once your wish comes true, you be sure to bring back the maneki neko and place it with the others! Who knows, fortune could be contagious?