Dougen Ramen, a paradise for tasting WAGYU


Whats more rare than a name like Takadanobaba? How about a bowl of チャーギュウ麺の極み Special Chaagyou Ramen. With only 10 Bowls sold a day at 2200 yen, this dish is to die for. To start off the meal they hand you a full plate of beautiful organic Wagyu Beef. Along side a perfectly sized ramen bowl to drown the beef into. To add in a richer flavour, the noodles are made from a plant called (えごま) Perilla Frutescens also known by the name Beefsteakplant. To top it off the soup base is made with organic beef bones making them an irresistible combination.

But If you miss out on the 10 bowl special, or just don’t feel Ramen, don’t worry! They have your back up plan with chicken coming all the way from the Tottori Prefucture.

This dish had my mouth watering for more. Their special (大山鳥カレー) DaiSenDori Curry which translates to free run mountain chicken. With a name like that, this plate will have your tastebuds running wild, literally!

With such great dishes for the main course we knew the dessert would have to be surprising. Which it was! For only 500 yen you can purchase yourself a bag of some famous (小判焼き) KOBANYAKI sweets. They were irresistible and we couldn’t stop at just one. Don’t be shy, you can also grab a bag to go! With some of the juiciest, organic Japanese food, it was overall a great place to visit!