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Conqueror Will Help You Relax In Some Clouds!


Hey guys, It’s Dimz and today I have a burning question I’d like to ask... Have you ever looked for a cafe which suited all your interests? One with great coffee, food, and music? Where you not only have space and comfort but also something special that can help you relax? Then I’m really glad you came to this page...

Monster Hunter Bar Game Fan Must To Go in Shinjuku 2018


There is no reason for you to refuse visiting this fantastic bar if you’re a big fan of video games——Monster Hunter World themed. If you are a game fan, I am very sure this game is still displayed on your PSN’s friend list. Last week I visited Monster Hunter  Bar located in Shinjuku. Not only was the environment 100% based...

「Ora Ora Ora Ora」brings you a perfect JOJO’s food


MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! (Useless!Useless! ・・・) No, I'm not crazy. LOL. These famous lines are from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3. Just as you can see from the clip, this is a collaboration between Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and the puzzle solving theme park Tokyo Mystery Circus (Shinjuku TMC). I especially recommend the food inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. (Until May 31st, 2018) There's also limited...

Matcha Fondu is the Gift From God We Never Knew


Two things. Matcha and Cholocate. Although this isn't an original concept at this point, the ingeniousness behind the store Cha-Nabe Cafe is the way they combine these two delicious creations. That is through their assorted fruits with cholocate matcha fondu. The name speaks for itself, strawberries, dango, and other delicious sweets on a platter served with a small pot of...

Ghibli Sweets Will Brighten Your Day


Ghibli is among one of Japan's biggest succeses in the animation scene and what isn't to love about it? With many cute distinctive classic characters , it's no wonder it's adored by fans all over the world. It's so big that places like Shiro-Hige's Cream Puff Factory in Setagawa have been popping up recently. This little cozy place offers many kinds...

Temma Curry A Handful of Golden Deliciousness


Temma Curry has a bustling front window where employees in large chef hats dish out tons of delicious curry pan to hungry customers. Deciding to avoid the extremely hot summer weather, and busy crowds, I head into the cafe where the curry bread is made. The shop itself has a strong french design influence, and would feel at home in...

Sing Anime Songs Here to Feed Your Otaku Desires | STARS


Something that has been popping up more in Japan's otaku sub-culture is anisong karaoke, a place where you can sing anime songs. Anime isn't anything new to us in the west, but recently I can't help but feel that more and more people are becoming more interesting in the intro and outros songs of various anime. Of course here...

Cafe in The Sky, or Tree Rather


After our success finding a great cafe at Center Kita, Yokohama, I decided it might be nice to try out another cafe called Nanja Monja Cafe off of Yokohama's Blue Line, this time near a station called Mitsuzawa Shimochou that has been getting some attention lately. I had heard rumors of a cafe that was situated in a small...

Great Cafes Yokohama, Son Jin: Incredible Curry, Omurice, and More


When you think about all the possible cafes to vist in Yokohama and Tokyo, this list just goes on and on. But are they all really worth your time? Today we stopped by one of our favorites, Cafe Salon Son Jin in Center Kita, Yokohama City. Organic Roasted Coffee Nothing beats a good roast on a cold day and Son Jin's...

This Japanese Pudding Has A Cute Way into Pudding


While in Nagoya station we stopped by a cute little cafe called Cafe Gentiane: Pyorin, famous for their chick pudding. Although at first we felt guilty about plunging a metal utensil through this adorable delight, after having a taste we were without regrets. These little babies are delicious, and the layers of frosting, and pudding before making your way to...


Atsuta Houraiken Jinguten Has All Your Unagi Needs Covered

When visiting Nagoya in Japan, one thing you gotta try is unagi (eel). Although the snake-like creature may be a turn off initially, Japan...

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House