Go Here for Your Coffee & Hand Pies in Tokyo


Passing through Harajuku, we came across a great cafe that has delicious hand pies, good coffee, and the perfect atmosphere to relax with a book. The exterior of the place was quite nice, and there was a lot of out door seating. Inside you can see they went with a cottage like style, as everything in the place was made from wood.

I decided to order a lemon ginger creme dip pie with cream flavored ice cream (there current seasonal pie) with a coffee. It was a great combination overall. The pie is served cut in small slices that you can use for dipping in the ginger and the ice cream. Since the cream was quite sweet, the deck coffee was an excellent contrast of flavor.

Mike went with a hand apple pie and a hot chocolate. The apple pie had a nice crumbly top with just the right amount of sweetness. The hot chocolate was also quite good but probably would have been better served by itself than with the pie. Overall both desserts were quite good.

What really stands out though at The Deck Coffee & Pie is the atmosphere. There is quite a bit of space inside the cafe and outside as well. The wood themed interior really gives off relaxing vibes, yet I could easily see myself passing 3 to 4 hours here studying or reading a book. This is definitely a go to place for students. However, no matter if your wanting to spend all day studying, kill some time waiting for a friend, or just wanting to have some good coffee and pie while you read a book, The Deck Coffee & Pie is a comfy way to spend some time in Harajuku.