Dutch Pancakes in Kawasaki can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


From the sweet tooth we got visiting Yokohama’s Vanilla Beans cafe, we searched for more sweet delights that could satisfy our hunger. And we happened to find it with Rosie’s Cafe, located in Kawasaki’s Lozona shopping center. Rosie’s prides itself with it’s dutch style pancakes (baby pancakes) that can be made into a savery main course, or a delicious desert. Since their sweets seem to be all the talk, we decided to order some off the menu.

I had the blueberry dutch baby pancake which came with cream cheese, lemon, and a little bit of maple syrup on the side. My coworker Mike went with the safe caramel apple cinnamon baby pancake with cream icecream allamode. Also since it was my first time ordering an affgado, I through that in as well.

The blueberry pancake was excellent, since it wasn’t too sweet and you could really taste the freshness of the blueberries. I personally am not a fan of cream cheese so I used a very conservative portion, along with adding some lemon and maple syrup. The portions are quite generous so I wouldn’t recommend this right after a big meal. However, if you do have a bit of an appetite, this is definitely worth it.

Mike’s caramel apple cinnamon pancake was also tasty as well. However, I thought the icecream didn’t really add much to the flavor, and overall probably could have done without. With that said, the cinnamon was very pronounced in this dish which gave it two thumbs up from me.  Finally the affogado, was decent, but honestly, I would save your money and quite frankly the calories on this one.

Overall Rosie’s hits it out of the park when it comes to their sweet baby pancakes. I wouldn’t mind going back to trying some of the more savory dishes like their brochutto and mushroom pancake. If you have a sweet tooth and an appetite, Rosie’s Cafe won’t let you down.