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Vanilla Beans is a Sanctuary for Chocoholics


Before walking into this store, I really considered whether it was worth pushing myself closer to the diabetic range just to enjoy some chocolate. In general the answer would be a no, but because it is our duty to bring you the best places to dine in Japan, well sometimes I have to make some sacrifices. Let me tell...

Use a bed instead of a table at Chano-Ma cafe


Chano-ma is a cozy place right inside the famous Red Brick Building near Sakuragicho. In place of standard dining tables, they offer comfy cozy beds which you can sprawl out on while you eat (although it isn't recommended for a healthy digestion). The menu is nothing to wave off either. I had an excellent beef stew which comes with a...

Capcom Bar Lets You Game While You Drink

Themed cafes and bars is what we love. So it's no surprise after our visit to the Tokyo Ghoul Cafe that we would show up here at the Capcom Bar, located in Shinjuku. Inside the cafe you can see lots of famous characters. We decided to seat ourselves in the gaming area. While you wait for your food (or afterwards), you...

Maid Cafe Maidreamin Will Take All Your Worries Away

Hey everyone, it's your boy Rose. After losing my chance with the girl of my dreams, and being told to lose weight, I've being living a cruel life everyday. Cheer up Rose! Nah, I'm finished. If you lose weight you'll be popular with the ladies right? For now just switch it up a bit. (Is he some kind of teenager going through puberty?...



Thrash Zone Has 2 Essentials, Beer And Meatballs

You know what makes people happy? Beer. It's a very simple solution for happiness, but unfortunately it's not always easy to find really good...