Super Fluffy Pancakes That Are to Die For!


Fluffy pancakes seem to be all the rage here in Japan lately. Go to places like Harajuku and you will just see shop after shop on the same street advertising how soft and bouncy their pancakes are. Mike and I had to see what all the fuss was about so we headed over to Minato Mirai World Porter’s Gram Cafe & Pancakes to try these bouncy delights.

First thing is first, if you want to eat these specific fluffy pancakes, you almost always have to make a reservation at the designated times they offer. Typically there are only 3 times of the day when they serve these pancakes, so it’s critical to make a reservation a couple of hours in advance. However, I can assure you it’s worth the wait.

We started off with a french toast with vanilla ice cream alamode while we waited. Actually the flavor really impressed me. Although it had vanilla ice cream, a glazing of chocolate sauce, and some maple syrup to top it off, the sweetness wasn’t overpowering at all. As a matter of fact, all the flavors really seemed to come together and the fluffiness of the toast stayed in tact.

After polishing off the unexpected award winning french toast, our pancakes had arrived. They were as good as I had hoped. What really gives the pancakes there jigglyness is the souffle used in making them. I assume the limited times the offer the pancakes are due to the fact that souffle needs to set for a while before serving. Either way, I have no complaints as the flavor, texture, and even presentation was worthy of a 2nd time.

Although there are many places to get fluffy pancakes in Tokyo, I highly recommend going to Gram Cafe & Pancakes in Minato Mirai, as the quality and price (about $8) is quite a deal all things considered. Finally Minato Mirai doesn’t have all the crazy crowds like Harajuku so it’s much easier to secure a reservation. Make sure you do breakfast (or even lunch or dinner) right with these fluffy pancakes!