Melon Pan Ice Cream Sandwiches That Boast 2nd in World Ranking


Just as the titles says, located right inside World Porters in Sakuragicho is the self-acclaimed 2nd best melon pan (melon bread) in the world. I few things crossed my mind when I read the name of the place which is literally 世界で2番めにおいしい焼きたてメロンパンアイス(The world’s second best baked melon pan ice cream sandwiches). I’m not sure where these statistics are coming that deem them the title as 2nd in the world, but they definitely rank in the top as having the longest name.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of melon bread, it (traditionally) has no melon flavor whatsoever. It is named distinctively after it’s shape, as someone in Japan thought it would be great to make something called melon bread to just confuse people into thinking actually melon is inside. Nevertheless, melon pan has become a favorite sweet snack, especially for students in Japan.

The melon pan we got to try today has a bit of a twist, as there is a nice helping of ice cream right in the center. Flavors include: vanilla, chocolate, matcha, and of course limited seasonal items (this time was custard vanilla). I had the matcha flavor whereas my coworker Mike went with chocolate. Both of them were quite satisfying but I personal think I’d have to go with matcha, since it doesn’t completely overpower the melon pan.

Melon pan is a delicious snack, and having a slab of ice cream in the middle of a warm bread with a cookie crumble makes it all the more enjoyable. Make sure you get your fix at 世界で2番めにおいしい焼きたてメロンパンアイス!