APizza Brings You Tasty Pizza For Around 5 Bucks


500 yen coin Pizza has been on our hit list for a while, and APizza in Tokyo’s suburban Ikebukuro, was just the cure. APizza delivers an array rectangular brick oven pizzas, apparently inspired by the style you may see in Manhattan New York. As for being similar to Manhattan style though, we beg to differ.

APizza is a smaller pizza joint with 2 locations facing the opposite sides of Ikebukuro station. Today we visited the location next to Rikkyo University. The shop has a very classy exterior and with signs boasting take-out pizzas for 270 yen, it really grabs your attention.

After heading in the shop and checking out the menu, it was time to order.

Before we even get to the pizza, I have to mention that the drink and salad set is wonderful. You get a salad with all organic veggies, with 3 different freshly made dressings: ceasar, olive oil, and onion respectively.

In addition APizza prides itself with it’s original beverages. I decided to go with the Apple and Soy milk concoction. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, it turned out to be a perfect mashup.

How’s the pizza? First up, the Special Margarita.

The margarita is quite a standard pizza choice here in Japan. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle yet potent flavors. The sauce is very light, with more of pure tomato taste. The cheese came in very small plumps, which were topped with a little bit of basil. Overall, it’s quite light with a refreshing taste.

Also as a side note, you can have your pizzas cut in 2, 4, 6, or 8-slices. Apparently the 2-cut slice like you can see in below is where the “A” from APizza comes from. What?

Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut and get a pepperoni pizza.

Moving to the a more basic pizza we have the pepperoni. The melted cheese on top was fabulous and once again, I really appreciated the light tomato sauce. Although it says pepperoni in the title, it also had small pieces of Italian sausage, which gave it a meatier taste.

Final Verdict?

Overall APizza delivers a wide range of pizzas with an arsenal of different flavors. If you are in the mood for something more on the lighter size, this is the place to be. Although I can’t vouch for it being close to New York style pizza, it definitely offers a palette that deserves your attention.

More Information

APizza’s website