Anime Themed Capsule Hotel Gives You a Brand New Experience


Staying at a capsule hotel can be a unique experience in Japan. Although the idea of the capsule hotel is not so new any more these days, there are some business that are adding their personal flair to the place. Today we got to visit a capsule hotel with different themed rooms called New City located in Yokohama, Japan. Specifically, for anime lovers, there is a room that lets you sleep with a giant life-sized waifu pillow. Before you enter the capsule you are allowed to choose between the different character pillows they offer that you can take with you into your capsule. New City also provides a ninja, samurai and a traditional Japanese-style room as well. Additionally, the meals are Fantastic meals in their cafeteria area, and also a great Japanese-style public bath that will help you relax. If you are thinking to try staying at a capsule hotel, I highly recommend New City as a complete package. You won’t regret it.