World’s Best Luxury Spa Right in Tokyo, Japan

SHARE is an incredible spa (as the title says, number 1 in the world) that is known for treating low blood circulation and treatment for helping cleanse the lymph glands throughout the body. Our reporter Ashley tried it and it seems to be up to the hype. She started by choosing a course, in this case a tonic foot bath and a overall massage using the Indiba technology. Both are effective in improving blood circulation and the Indiba machine specifically targets eliminating toxins and impurities in the body. Through the Indiba technology, clogged lymph nodes are relieved allowing better circulation and oxygen to flow through the body. Keeping your lymph nodes clear is extremely important for preventing certain illnesses and reducing stress.

According to Ashley what really stood out at DAMAI wasn’t just their world-class techniques but the genuine hospitality they offered. They would go as far as to greet you in front of the entrance of the building as to not get lost.

As far as the massage goes, Ashley was very impressed with the amount of pressure they applied, not to weak, but not too strong either. It felt so good she found herself dozing off halfway through. The massage along with using the Indiba machine detoxified her body and left her feeling completely refreshed.

If this sounds like something that interests you, make sure to pay DAMAI a visit!