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Mabo Tofu From Iron Chef That Will Rock Your Socks Off


I never thought I would see the day where I could eat at one of the legendary iron chef's restaurants. Additionally, he would have thought there would be one just 15 minutes away walking distance from my work. I am here to tell you I visited Chen Kenichi Mabo Tofu, a restaurant specializing in well... mabo tofu, and I...

Melon Pan Ice Cream Sandwiches That Boast 2nd in World Ranking


Just as the titles says, located right inside World Porters in Sakuragicho is the self-acclaimed 2nd best melon pan (melon bread) in the world. I few things crossed my mind when I read the name of the place which is literally 世界で2番めにおいしい焼きたてメロンパンアイス(The world's second best baked melon pan ice cream sandwiches). I'm not sure where these statistics are coming...

Amazing Gyoza In Yoyogi, Sosan no Mise


After setting out on our journey to find the best gyoza in Kantou area, we decided to make our way to a place called "Sosan No Mise". Notorious for their size and packed to the seams with meat juice gyoza, it comes to no surprise that this would be our first stop. Located just on the outskirts of Shinjuku, right...

Atsuta Houraiken Jinguten Has All Your Unagi Needs Covered


When visiting Nagoya in Japan, one thing you gotta try is unagi (eel). Although the snake-like creature may be a turn off initially, Japan is known for turning it into a delicious delicious food that has a light sweetness to it. Today I got to eat at Atsuta Houraiken Jinguten, an unagi speciality restaurant in Atsuta, Nagoya. They have pioneered...

Use a bed instead of a table at Chano-Ma cafe


Chano-ma is a cozy place right inside the famous Red Brick Building near Sakuragicho. In place of standard dining tables, they offer comfy cozy beds which you can sprawl out on while you eat (although it isn't recommended for a healthy digestion). The menu is nothing to wave off either. I had an excellent beef stew which comes with a...

Ramai Soup Curry is a Natural Detox


Let me start of by saying this is the best soup curry I have every had. EVER! I mean that to. Although conveniently located right in the heart of Isezakicho, the signage isn't apparent at first so it's recommended to just use google maps to clarify. However, once you do manage to find the place and make your way...

Ice Monster Has Shaved Ice Big Enough To Feed Your Inner Beast


Ice Monster has incredible kakigoori (shaved ice)! The quantity is incredible and there are many flavors to choose from. Matt showed off the coffee one which I had a bite of and it was delicious. Make sure if you are in the Omotesando area you give this place a try! website Music:

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House


Relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea, in one of Tokyo's most beautiful cafes. Thanks for a great time Aoyama Flower Market Tea House!! website Music:

Solo Pizza Makes World-class Pies


Tired and with a wallet as empty as your stomach, you walk the streets of Nagoya. Images of pizza flash in your mind as you pray to the Pizza Goddess for her good graces. "Solo Pizza" a voice rings out. You will soon enter the hall of some of the greatest pizza champions the world over. Solo Pizza I love pizza....

PALETAS Frozen Fruit Bars Soothe Summer Heat


It's hot outside, damn hot. All I could think about was how to escape this hellish heat while swimming through a sea of humidity. Is there anything the relieve me from this fiery inferno? Yep, fruit bars from PALETAS! (BEGIN ADVERTISING MODE) Using a wide range of fresh fruit, and coming in at more than 25 different bars to choose from,...


Omurice Evangelist of Kichi Kichi

While sitting at Kichi Kichi's beautiful wooden bar, the kitchen in front of you is alive with superhuman cooking feats. Before your eyes, a...