Shooting them guns and drinking that beer at GET@City


I frequent drinking around the Noge area in Yokohama, and so when I learned about GET@City and how they have a gun range where you can shoot a wide arsenal of firearms. They had 2 courses, 2500 yen (US $22) for 1 hour all you can shoot and drink, and 2 hours with the same deal at 4000 yen. As it was my first time, I decided to go with the 1 course.

I have to admit, I had a blast. I really got into the gun selection, since each firearm is referenced to some movie or anime, and it has a little background on each of them. Although some of the guns were fictional arms that were made just for the movie, most were actual air soft replicas of real guns.

There was definitely a difference in my performance in the beginning compared to after having a drinks of Gin and tonic. But part of the magic was being able to shoot guns at a gun range while being a little tipsy. Albeit all completely safe. I highly recommend GET@City to people who want something a little more exciting than the typical bar atmosphere. It’s really fun to compete with friends, and it also can be a good indicator of how drunk you are.