Cheap Hot Pot Place With a Great View


If you haven’t already figured it out, we are a huge fan of Minto Mirai’s World Porters. The reason is simple. They just have a lot of places to eat at a reasonable price. Today on the menu is hot pot (shabu shabu) at a place called Shabu-Yo. I’ll start off by saying that lunch will cost you between 1400 to 1700 yen (US $12-$15) for all you can eat hot pot for 2 hours. It’s incredible.

For those of you who don’t know about hot pot, it is where you usually have to kinds of broths where you add raw vegetables and meats and then cook them in the broth. After cooking for a short time you take it out and eat it just like that. Of course there are various sauces for dipping.

As far as the taste goes, Mike and I paid a bit more for to add beef to the all you can eat, but it was totally worth it. The cuts of meat both pork and beef are quite good, and tasted very fresh. The amount of vegetables they offer as you can see in the video is very impressive as well and quite fresh.

Shabu-Yo does well when it comes to quality vs. cost. As I mentioned, for lunch you will spend around 1400 to 1700 yen for all you can eat. However, for hot pot, that is very reasonable. Of course you can also tack on all you can drink for another for about 1500 yen during the evening as well. What’s more is the drinks are all self service. All and all it’s a great place to get some great hot for a reasonable price.

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