Great Cafes Yokohama, Son Jin: Incredible Curry, Omurice, and More


When you think about all the possible cafes to vist in Yokohama and Tokyo, this list just goes on and on. But are they all really worth your time? Today we stopped by one of our favorites, Cafe Salon Son Jin in Center Kita, Yokohama City.

Organic Roasted Coffee

Nothing beats a good roast on a cold day and Son Jin’s coffee was spot on. It was a more bitter roast which I am a big fan of, and the flavor was so rich, I didn’t need the feel to add any sweetener or milk. Even if you aren’t that hungry and just want somewhere to stop for coffee, theirs won’t leave you disappointed.

Smoked Curry

I think I have to give the award away to this curry. One thing that is unique about it is the fact that the rice sits at the bottom with a slight roast to it. This goes incredibly well with the smoky flavors that are heavily accented in this curry and light about of cheese on top. It turns into a sort risotto which is great. Surprisingly, it isn’t all that heavy since it’s quite shallow in the pot, however, the portions are thought were just right.


The omurice wasn’t just fantastic but also very original. Instead of the plumpy egg over rice you would typically find in the dish, Son Jin takes a similar approach with the curry and puts a bed of rice under the omelet that’s been slightly bakes. This makes for great contrast as the egg is soft and savory where as the rice gives it a little more texture. Also like the curry, it was just the perfect amount.

Dessert anyone? I like my pancakes thick.

The pancakes are so good here it nearly stole the show. Unlike a typically stack you might find at a breakfast joint, this Son Jin focuses on crafting a perfect single fluffy pancake. What’s interesting is the top layer has a sort of crisp texture where as the center is very soft and spongy. When you pour the syrup on the pancake it slides right off the surface and soaks into the spongy sides of the pancake instead. After letting it soak a little bit, I found that the semi-crunchy layer on top was still in tact, but I got the flavor of syrup right in the center. Quite amazing craft-work.