Escape Hunt let’s you have fun while using your head


So you have some family or friends in town visiting. Where do you take them? This situation is far too common but look no further than Escape Hunt, a place where you can enjoy cleverly made games.

Although famous around the world CJC decided to hit up the branch in Asakusa Tokyo. Escape Hunt seems to be having international success with it’s uniquely crafted games, and what’s more, each country adds a little bit cultural flavor to them.

After scouting the interior of the place we were greeted and taught the general rules of the game.

Because many players are from foreign countries, games have instructions and can be played in English, Japanese, and many other languages.

In a nut shell, you have 60 minutes to complete the game. You may ask for unlimited hints by ringing a bell in the designated game room, but it adds a minute to your completion time. Also, you are free to touch most of the things set in the room, excluding those that specifically say not to.

After the thorough explanation, it was time to choose a course. We decided to go with the “Zen” game which was carried out in a very traditional Japanese style room.

As a heads up, to respect the creators of the game and those of you who might be interested in playing in the future, we had to take limited shots to not spoil the surprise.

Sakamoto and I determined to win, began our 60 minute trial.

All of the games play differently. However, most of them have the reoccurring theme of needing a key of some sort to proceed.

Moving on to the next room, I was bewildered by the sudden change in the environment. I for the life of me couldn’t figure out what was my objective in this room.

After scrambling about in the last couple minutes to finish the puzzle, before we knew it the bell had rung. It was a close yet, anguishing defeat.

After completing the course we received a  card with the details of our results. Needless to say, they weren’t pleasant.

Thinking outside the box never has been so much fun.

Escape Hunt Asakusa is an awesome place where you can have fun and test your smarts. Whether bringing family, friends, or even a date (who you are looking to impress with your wit), Escape Hunt is a nice way to spend time and have something to talk about afterwards. We had so much fun that I know we’ll be back in the near future, hopefully holding the winner sign.