Use a bed instead of a table at Chano-Ma cafe


Chano-ma is a cozy place right inside the famous Red Brick Building near Sakuragicho. In place of standard dining tables, they offer comfy cozy beds which you can sprawl out on while you eat (although it isn’t recommended for a healthy digestion).

The menu is nothing to wave off either. I had an excellent beef stew which comes with a few starter rolls. However, if you’re appetite seems like it can’t be quenched, you will be happy to know that their bread is all you can eat.

Although I went during lunch hours, the night view of Sakuragicho with the ferris wheel makes for a wonderful experience.

Because Chano-ma is exceedingly popular, they do not allow reservations and it’s a first come first serve basis. Even so, the fact that you can enjoy eating with the comfort of sitting on a bed is definitely worth lining up for.