Wanna Come To My Place For Karaage?


Izakaya’s (Japanese pubs) are far from lacking in Japan. I mean what’s there to hate? The menus are packed with a variety of dishes and drinks. Their usually are big crowds with friendly people and typically the service is quite good. We got all that and a bag of chips at a place called “Orenchikuru?” literally meaning “Wanna come to my place?”. This place has a lot  of different items on the menu, but I would say they specialize more towards fried foods like karaage. On top of that, recently they just added this massive fried burger to their menu.

Huge Chicken Sandwich

The sandwich is so big Mike’s girlfriend could hardly pick it up. Also this thing is dense! It feels like it weighs almost a ton. The taste was surprisingly decent considering how massive it was.

Although this sandwich comes at a whopping price of 2000 yen (US $18), you can actually get a 1000 yen off discount by taking a picture of yourself with it and uploading it to Instagram! Not bad at all considering the volume.

You need karaage. Karaage is good for the soul.

Kaarage is Japan’s fried chicken and it’s delicious. Besides the fact that it’s boneless, it’s also in near bite sized pieces. You can think of it like popcorn chicken. However, good karaage like this isn’t that greasy and always has a nice crunch on the outside. The karaage here was great and if it weren’t for that massive burger, I probably would have went for seconds.

Not feeling chicken? How about some fried octopus.

I actually prefer seafood to meat so this fried octopus did just the trick. The crunchy layer paired with the chewy center was the perfect balance.

Overall Orenchikuru? is a place with delicious fried foods and an awesome atmosphere. Although there are many locations, I highly prefer the Yokohama one as the staff is incredibly nice, and they are on put with service. Make sure if you go, ask if a guy named Toshi is around and give him a high five for me.