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Super Fluffy Pancakes That Are to Die For!


Fluffy pancakes seem to be all the rage here in Japan lately. Go to places like Harajuku and you will just see shop after shop on the same street advertising how soft and bouncy their pancakes are. Mike and I had to see what all the fuss was about so we headed over to Minato Mirai World Porter's Gram...

Go Here for Your Coffee & Hand Pies in Tokyo


Passing through Harajuku, we came across a great cafe that has delicious hand pies, good coffee, and the perfect atmosphere to relax with a book. The exterior of the place was quite nice, and there was a lot of out door seating. Inside you can see they went with a cottage like style, as everything in the place was...

Dutch Pancakes in Kawasaki can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


From the sweet tooth we got visiting Yokohama's Vanilla Beans cafe, we searched for more sweet delights that could satisfy our hunger. And we happened to find it with Rosie's Cafe, located in Kawasaki's Lozona shopping center. Rosie's prides itself with it's dutch style pancakes (baby pancakes) that can be made into a savery main course, or a delicious...

Vanilla Beans is a Sanctuary for Chocoholics


Before walking into this store, I really considered whether it was worth pushing myself closer to the diabetic range just to enjoy some chocolate. In general the answer would be a no, but because it is our duty to bring you the best places to dine in Japan, well sometimes I have to make some sacrifices. Let me tell...

Use a bed instead of a table at Chano-Ma cafe


Chano-ma is a cozy place right inside the famous Red Brick Building near Sakuragicho. In place of standard dining tables, they offer comfy cozy beds which you can sprawl out on while you eat (although it isn't recommended for a healthy digestion). The menu is nothing to wave off either. I had an excellent beef stew which comes with a...

Ice Monster Has Shaved Ice Big Enough To Feed Your Inner Beast


Ice Monster has incredible kakigoori (shaved ice)! The quantity is incredible and there are many flavors to choose from. Matt showed off the coffee one which I had a bite of and it was delicious. Make sure if you are in the Omotesando area you give this place a try! website Music:

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House


Relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea, in one of Tokyo's most beautiful cafes. Thanks for a great time Aoyama Flower Market Tea House!! website Music:

Shinobazu Cafe Brings A Cute Ninja Experience


Maid Cafe's and the like are in no shortage whatsoever here in Akihabara. However, today we got to try something a little different. Growing up loving the history behind Ninja and Samurai, it was time I fulfilled my fantasy. So what better place than Shinobazu Cafe, a well known ninja themed cafe in Akihabara. Not knowing exactly what to expect...

Cafe Tsuzuki Pours You A Cafe Au Lait From The Ceiling

video the other day when CJC went to see the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya. After asking the local cosplayers if there were any interesting shops to visit in Nagayo, they recommended us a cafe called "Cafe Tsuzuki" so we went to check it out. Just a coffee guy's cafe who spends day in day out researching unique blends We arrived...

Time Travel With Your Coffee, Starbucks Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya


A rainy day is the perfect time to relax in a cafe. A rainy day in Kyoto, is the perfect time to hide away in a tea house. When you are far from home, there is a place that is familiar, while providing a unique Kyoto experience. Come step into the time machine that is Starbucks Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya. Starbucks...


Cheap Hot Pot Place With a Great View

If you haven't already figured it out, we are a huge fan of Minto Mirai's World Porters. The reason is simple. They just have...