Maid Cafe Maidreamin Will Take All Your Worries Away


Hey everyone, it’s your boy Rose. After losing my chance with the girl of my dreams, and being told to lose weight, I’ve being living a cruel life everyday.

Cheer up Rose!

Nah, I’m finished.

If you lose weight you’ll be popular with the ladies right? For now just switch it up a bit.

(Is he some kind of teenager going through puberty? Somehow he needs to be a bit more positive.)

Alright Rose today let’s go to your favorite maid cafe “MAIDREAMIN” and cheer you up!

Today is  MAIDREAMIN Cafe and Dining Bar located in Shibuya. This is your first time at the Shibuya location right? This place will definitely help put your mind at ease!

Ahh they had one in Shibuya… Well we came all the way to Shibuya so we have to go!

Welcome back my master.❤

Ah, a, hi! (Her voice is so cute!)

My name is Sakuru. Please follow me!

Hey Rose look at this! The command for hadouken is written down. Isn’t that cool?

The Shibuya branch’s interior is really something. The 2-dimensional emoji art is quite exquisite!!

It’s almost as if we walked into a cyber world or something. This isn’t that kind of world you would normally see.

See I told you it would be fun! Just put on the Alice ban and let’s eat your favorite omuraisu! MOEMOE!

It looks so delicious!! But omuraisu is packed with calories.. I wanted to eat MOEMOE but I’ll endure it. Not gonna eat it no way! I’m fine with water!

What??! Stop messing around! I didn’t bring you all the way here just to not order anything! Eat your MOEMOE omuraisu and let’s watch the maid show!!


And then..

Master would you like this ramen? Make sure to eat plenty! ❤

UGHHH I want to eat it so bad but the calories… There is just no way…

Do not worry Master! MAIDREAMIN’s ramen is completely vegan from the oil we use to every last ingredient. It is made purely from vegetables! Although ramen has an oily reputation, because this is completely vegan, even if you ate it everyday, it has a moderate amount of nutrition! So cheer up and MOEMOE everyday!

That’s amazing! Okay I’m relieved. Let’s ding in!

Wow it’s soooo goood! This wouldn’t lose to a normal ramen shop!

Sakamoto look at this! at first it looks like ham but actually it seems to be made from soy bean!

Really?! How’s the taste?

Even though it’s made from soy bean, the texture and taste are even better than normal ham! MOEMOE POWER!!

Alright, looks like you have made a full recovery!

It seems like master has cheered up quite a bit. I’m so glad to see that!

Thank you so much Sakuru chan!

Alright Sakamoto let’s get some good vibes going on here.

It’s Sakuru chan SHOW TIME!!

Even though maid’s on the wall are getting pumped up! This is the best!!!!

I can’t thank you enough Sakuru chan. I feel completely cured!

I’m glad to hear that master! I hope you will always be cheerful. Please come back soon okay?

This time we had VEGAN ramen!

Soy Sauce Ramen

Miso Ramen

Spicy Miso Ramen

Tax excluded they will run you about 1,100 yen (US $9.50).


By the way… Did you all notice anything peculiar about the cyber art here?

It’s basically has the same feeling as the blocks from Super Mario. It makes you want to jump and touch them..

Actually, I tried!

Pretty interesting right? If you happen to come to MAIDREAMIN’s Shibuya location, don’t forget to do the Super Mario jump!