This Japanese Pudding Has A Cute Way into Pudding


While in Nagoya station we stopped by a cute little cafe called Cafe Gentiane: Pyorin, famous for their chick pudding. Although at first we felt guilty about plunging a metal utensil through this adorable delight, after having a taste we were without regrets. These little babies are delicious, and the layers of frosting, and pudding before making your way to the raspberry center was a delicious evolution of flavors.

Another cute detail about this place is the fact they decorate the chicks in different decor depending on the season. Since we are in the halloween season you can expect to see them with a witches’s hat and a little jack-o-lantern in front.

This is a great places to stop by and just have a nice hot coffee with some cute chick deserts. Make sure you stop by Cafe Gentiane, located right inside Nagoya station!

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