UOBEI Sushi is Sushi Gospel


Eating sushi is one of the 700% must do things that tourists do when visiting Japan. As one of the definite things to do in Japan, eating real sushi has to rank way up there.As a representative of Washoku (Japanese style food) which has been registered as a world heritage, sushi carries a deep sense of knowledge. However, the age of slowly enjoying this delicacy has more or less passed, and now the trending fast food has taken over. All the more reason why this time I would like to sing praises of the UOBEI (魚米), a sushi chain that preaches the sushi gospel.

Looking at the name in Japanese, we have 魚 = fish + 米 = rice. Pretty simple to memorize huh?



Let’s make our way in this sea creature paradise.

8:15pm, UOBEI Shibuya location, no reservation…

At this time there are people who would think “Ah it’s probably already full, we’re gonna have to wait in line forever so let’s try somehwere else.”

However, although it was indeed full inside and the there were about 2 lines of people, all in all we only waited about 8 minutes for a seat. I can definitely put up with a mere 8 minutes for incredible sushi.

Get into the Wafuu feeling by starting of with green tea. 

They even have complete self service for fresh powdered green tea! Don’t mind if I do.

After taking a seat, we placed our order on the tablet in front of us. (Japanese, English, Korean, and even Chinese support is available on the tablet!).

There are also 3 railways the sushi ride on to be delivered to your table. Can’t wait!

All aboard the sushi train.

The train has arrived with our large shrimp sushi. I planning to eat until I float up to sushi heaven.

SOOOO GOOOD!!! (sent from heaven)

This right here!!! ↑↑↑↑↑Incredible!!!

grilled meat sushi, with lemon. This was really an original experience.

Japanese style grilled meat + sushi and is an awesome combo I recommend foreigners to try when they visit.

This isn’t exactly like a casino, but if you order certain sushi, you can do the sushi roulette challenge.

If the sushi you ordered matches up with the roulette you can get more for free!

Even though I lost, I still got to eat a love of sushi so I’m satisfied.

This place was also surprisingly cheap!

With this many plates, what do you think it amounts to?

For 10 plates it only came out to be 1026 yen (about US $10)!

Hallejuyah UOBEI!

I am also a foreigner but at OUBEI I could really enjoy the freshness of sushi and overall left feeling very satisfied.

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