Atsuta Houraiken Jinguten Has All Your Unagi Needs Covered


When visiting Nagoya in Japan, one thing you gotta try is unagi (eel). Although the snake-like creature may be a turn off initially, Japan is known for turning it into a delicious delicious food that has a light sweetness to it. Today I got to eat at Atsuta Houraiken Jinguten, an unagi speciality restaurant in Atsuta, Nagoya.

They have pioneered and and legitimately trademarked hitumabushi, a Nagoyan way of eating unagi.  Basically, in hitumabushi, you eat eel over rice, but in a few different ways. In the case of this restaurant, I ate the first 1/4 of the dish as is. The next 4th I added a little bit of green onion, wasabi, seaweed which really heightened the intensity of the flavors. 3/4 through the dish, I added some dashi stock which really brought all the flavors together nicely. Finally, for the 4th step you can eat it however you please, and since I really enjoyed the dashi stock, I decided to continue eating it that way.

Atsuta Houraiken Jungten gave me an incredible experience. Through hitumabushi you can enjoy experimenting with different toppings and dashi stock to bring out different flavors of eel that suit your liking. The eel had a very consistent texture and although I enjoyed each of the various styles, I have to go with adding dashi stock if you really want to get the full flavor out of it. Overall, Atsuta Houraiken Jungten, should be your go-to-place for eel. period.

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