The Tomatoman’s Tomatoes give a strong kick!


Hey guys, it’s Dimz! I am here to tell you about this super cool restaurant called The Tomatoman I got to visit with Rose last week! I will start off by breaking it to you that, The Tomatoman restaurant is not a name from a comic book. I do however think that what they have to offer, should be noted as helping people. 

Let’s start with the menu. They have a very cool way of representing their dishes. Yes, if you haven’t realized, they all include tomatoes. Their style of representing the tomatoes is neither Japanese nor Western but rather a new way to incorporate them in dishes. Not only do they use organic tomatoes but they also boil them at their peak of ripeness for maximum health benefits. They even state that their recipes help prevent aging (starting to sound like a hero to me). 

Now onto their design! They have a very modern look to their restaurant with tomato logos all around (no surprise there). Also, with windows all around eating here is enjoyable with direct sunlight giving the place very good lighting for your Instagram pictures. The kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant so you can smell when your food is being made. One of the best parts of this place in my opinion.  

For their spice, they don’t really have a limit. If you like living on the edge and want something to spice up your life. The Tomatoman is here to challenge you! You can go all the way to 10th spice without paying extra which is a very good deal as I thought it was pretty powerful. If you want more then that for an extra (100yen), you can get 15x. Then for (200yen), you get an “extreme” 20x!! Please remember you play at your own risks and the staff might warn you to be careful. 

So for those of you looking for good health benefits, taste, and a challenge. The Tomatoman is your place to go! I look forward to seeing how much spice you can handle!

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