Tokyo Ghoul Cafe, an enjoyable gruesome experience


Tokyo Ghoul Cafe has been on CJC’s list for some time now and the other day we got to do just that. Located in Ikebukuro, is a place called The Guest Cafe and Diner that hosts various themed cafes. And so until the end of June, you can enjoy a ghoulish experience there.

I’m not really sure what this whole “Tokyo Ghoul” thing is, but you’re a pretty big fan right Matt?

How can you not know about this masterpiece!? This manga (and anime) has reached success even abroad as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Tokyo Ghoul is a manga set in a world where humans and creatures called “ghouls” coexist. However, because ghouls can only digest human flesh, they are dependent on them as livestock. As you can imagine, this creates a divide and as a result war between ghouls and humans has gone on for over a hundred years.

For more details check out my article about the upcoming live-action movie coming out this next month!

After making our way inside, Sakamoto and I were seated and provided with these cool place mats! (It would’ve have been a waste to eat off of them though, so I took some home)

We ordered a set course that comes with a wide array of themed foods inspired by the manga.

So Matt explain to me the presentation of this food.

From the center we have a curry that is inspired by the protagonist. It has one eye because he is a “one-eyed ghoul”. The package to the right of that right represents the prepared meat packages (filled with human organs and what not) that are distributed among the ghouls for food. The smoothie in the back has an edible printout of a character in the series who always carries a metal brief case. To the left is the sandwich that the protagonist tried to eat, but because of the physiological changes after becoming a ghoul, it tasted extremely disgusting to him. Therefore this sandwich is made in a way to represent that grotesque feeling. Finally the mask is a trademark of the character as he wears it to conceal his identity.

What about the salad?

No particular meaning, it’s probably just to give you a break from the other strange foods.

The curry was quite good and the eye is an edible monaka (a Japanese wafer cake filled with bean jam)

I was really curious to see what they packaged to represent human ligaments and entrails.

It turned out to be a hamburger but with meat paddies for the buns. It was covered in ketchup to give it a gory look.

The sandwich fit the concept they were going for to a T. I’ll say it now though, this. was. awful. I can only describe the texture as soggy bread that has some how retained it’s shape, and the taste as blue cheese that has gone bad… (and let’s be honest blue cheese is already pretty disgusting “fresh”).

The salad was a nice way to break up the other course dishes, especially after eating that abomination of a sandwich…

The smoothie was quite good. Although it has a grayish color, the flavor is banana with black sesame.

Who is this mysterious character?

He is one of the “investigators”. They are in charge of hunting down ghouls and they always have a brief case carrying a weapon called a quinque. He is  one of the more ruthless characters in the series.

The miniature version of his stainless steel briefcase is so cool! (unfortunately the staff wouldn’t let me keep it)

Outside of the cafe is an area that had different merchandise and displays from the series.

The new Tokyo Ghoul movie looks quite promising. I can’t wait to go see it next month!

There was a lot of cool merchandise like t-shirts, posters, key chains, etc…

Overall I am quite pleased with the Tokyo Ghoul Cafe’s attention to detail and the correlation it offered with the series. If you are a fan or a new comer to this incredible work, there is something you can appreciate in this gruesomely awesome experience. The event runs until June 28th so go check it out while you still can!