Shinobazu Cafe Brings A Cute Ninja Experience


Maid Cafe’s and the like are in no shortage whatsoever here in Akihabara. However, today we got to try something a little different. Growing up loving the history behind Ninja and Samurai, it was time I fulfilled my fantasy. So what better place than Shinobazu Cafe, a well known ninja themed cafe in Akihabara.

Not knowing exactly what to expect except pretty girls dressed as ninja (kunoichi) performing similar roles as what you would see at any other maid cafe, I soon realized I was in for more of a treat.

After entering the cafe I was soon greeted by several kunoichis who had me seated right away in front of the stage. They then brought out a menu explaining the different course options and what they had to offer each running around 3000 yen (about $30 US).

Become a ninja by throwing actual shurikens. These are the real deal.

Upon completing my order they explained the different services they provide while you enjoy your meal. The first thing on my list that I observed when I entered the cafe was the shuriken challenge. You face off with one kunoichi of your choice in a sort of darts games but using as you can guess… shurikens!

This was a lot of fun and they even guided me through which shurikens were easier to throw, which ones were more likely to stick to the target, etc…

Make sure you dress the part before watching the performance.

While enjoying the performances (at the cafe’s request I can’t provide the photos but check it out in the video above), I was able to dress up as a feudal lord. Granted, more than anything I just felt awkward. Nevertheless it was fun to role play as the sovereign leader of cute kunoichis.

After the performance was over I received these lovely items. They had me pick my favorite kunoichi during my time there and then have her write me a heartfelt message about the time we spent together. With all said and done, I received a broken piece of tile that was smashed by one of the kunoichis along with her message, a card from my favorite kunoichi (who goes by Oto-san), and lastly a picture of us together.

Overall Shinobazu is a great place where you can enjoy the maid cafe-like experience ninja style. I think overall it can be a bit pricey but if you are going to go, I do recommend you order some of the entertainment packages on the menu!