Retro Game Camp In Akihabara Is Nostalgia Overload


Today CJC took a cruise through Akihabara the land of electronics and nerdy goodies. Today we were in the mood to check out some retro game shops and although there is nowhere of a shortage in Akihabara, I really wanted to find somewhere with retro games and rarer commodities.

Look no further than Retro Game CAMP!

Joining us today is my good friend Will. He himself feeling the gravitational pull of these classic game’s shop couldn’t help but be sucked in by the なつかしさ (nostalgia).

Matt this place looks quite promising. Just look at the classic titles hanging above the stairway?

I’m sold. Let’s check it out!

Although square feet-wise a small place; it makes up for it by packing every inch with glorious video game goodness.

This place may have the most abundant selection of classic consoles I’ve every seen.

Honestly though, it’s just packed to the brim with old Super Nintendos, N64s and is that a DreamCast?!

Will you gotta see this!

Just when we thought we had seen all the consoles packed onto one shelf, there were classic Sega Saturns and Genesis in mint-condition just laying there in the aisles. Let me catch my breath here. I’m starting to have irregular heartbeats.

If you are willing to cough up a bit of cash, you can score some classic consoles in excellent condition.

An original Nintendo (Famicon in Japanese) will run you about 21,000 yen (US $186).

This classic Sega Master System will cost you a chunk of change at 32,000 yen (US $284).

What IS this? I don’t remember a “Sega Master System” console.

Ahhh!! This was the first console from SEGA to really go head to head with Nintendo and build the hype for the Sega Genesis to come. This particular model even had 3D glasses support. I think this was released sometime in the 80’s. (1986 in US and 1987 in UK to be exact)

The excellent condition of the systems makes the price seem quite reasonable over all. At the end of the day, if you want a classic system, having it in right-out-of-the-box condition may be worth it even if you have to dish out a bit more cash.

Making our way past the consoles, Will and I’s nostalgia was rekindled by some of the classic titles we came by.

My God, it’s an original copy of Metal Gear Solid… This is pure gold!

That’s right, you’re quite a big fan of Hideo Kojima’s work huh?

Of all the games, this is the one that started it all. Even to this day I feel it’s one of the most respectable titles.

My 7 year old heart was racing when I found Donkey Kong Country 1-3 in their original boxes. (Super Donkey Kong in Japanese respectively)

Just how Metal Gear Solid brought you over to the gaming world, Donkey Kong Country was the start of it all for me.

I remember growing up seeing my friends play it. It was definitely a world wide seller.

I’d like to say it was a perfect trilogy but my interest peaked with 2. I felt like 3 was a bit of a let down.

Here it is. The first Gran-Turismo. This game is what inspired me to become a 3D artist.

I can see that. You’ve always been into cars and this game had state of the art 3D mapping going into it.

It’s crazy how just a simple game can expand your world so much.

Mountains and mountains of classics (Forgive my bias towards Nintendo products)

Leave it to Konami to develop a turntable mixer for the game “beatmania” on the PlayStation 2. Konami… what ever happened?

You can make some killer beats at just 2980 yen (US $26.50).


RetroGame CAMP is a throwback to the past with all the classic goodies including but not limited to Nintendo, Sony, Sega and many more. With their wide selection of classic game in mint condition and offering international shipping to boot, even if you regret not buying that first edition of Metal Gear Solid, you could always have it sent right to your door step.