Are you a cheese fanatic just like me? Well good, because I found a pile of it! literally!

This restaurant called Tsukumo Ramen has its own unique way of mixing good ol’ Japanese ramen with a twist. They decided to dump a load of cheese right on top of the dish! That’s right, when you come here there is a dish that is topped off with a huge pile of Gouda cheese! The cheese is also made from the Hokkaido prefecture from 100% milk.

Oh… It gets better! They also have the rice ball topped off with a layer of melted cheese to go with the rest of your soup. So for those of you that don’t really enjoy drinking till the end of your soup, this combination is perfect for you. I sure enjoyed the mix of two well known Japanese foods with a lot of cheese in-between!

If you’re ever in need for a great Ramen restaurant, this is a place to write down. Don’t worry if you’re not too big on cheese they also offer other dishes. For example the Spicy Chicken Ramen, you can even choose the spiciness to your desired taste! I would definitely recommend to those of you looking to expand your ramen list.


Just a 5min walk from Ebisu Station!