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Nihonbashi’s Kite Museum Is A Site To See

Hey everyone, Rose here. Today it's time to dig up some of Japan's uniqueness. I'd like to introduce a cool museum in Nihonbashi. So what kind of museum is it? As you can see on the sign below, we are going to check out some traditional kites today. Before we get there though, I have to warn you, the directions are a...

Doll Point Akihabara Brings You Dollfie Dream

Doll collectors and Japanese figurine lovers rejoice. We might have just found the perfect mix between the two called "Dollfie Dream". Today we got to visit a store that was recently renovated called Doll Point AKIHABARA. Dollfie Dream has many different doll types that range from anime character collaborations, all the way to building your own custom doll. As you can...


Anime Themed Capsule Hotel Gives You a Brand New Experience

Staying at a capsule hotel can be a unique experience in Japan. Although the idea of the capsule hotel is not so new any...