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Capcom Bar Lets You Game While You Drink

Themed cafes and bars is what we love. So it's no surprise after our visit to the Tokyo Ghoul Cafe that we would show up here at the Capcom Bar, located in Shinjuku. Inside the cafe you can see lots of famous characters. We decided to seat ourselves in the gaming area. While you wait for your food (or afterwards), you...

Come Have A Drink With The Kaiju From ULTRAMAN

Hey everyone, Matt here! Have you ever heard of ULTRAMAN before? It's a very popular series here in Japan about a super hero from space who can only survive on earth for 3 minutes. He fights many kinds of villain monsters called Kaiju. (Kaiju Bultan on the left and ULTRA SEVEN on the right) So you might be wondering why I'm...


Kyoto Station’s Ramen Koji Brings Soup From All Across Japan

In Japan's old capital, you have heard word of a place where ramen rules supreme. After climbing an untold amount of colorful steps, you...