Cafe Tsuzuki Pours You A Cafe Au Lait From The Ceiling

SHARE the other day when CJC went to see the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya. After asking the local cosplayers if there were any interesting shops to visit in Nagayo, they recommended us a cafe called “Cafe Tsuzuki” so we went to check it out.

Just a coffee guy’s cafe who spends day in day out researching unique blends


We arrived at the cafe but looking at the signboard it just looks like any normal cafe…


Besides “Just a coffee guy’s cafe who spends all day and night researching unique blends” being written on the sign, it also says that it carries rare fruits and over 30 different blends of coffee around the world. Maybe this place isn’t so ordinary after all?


This is a long standing cafe, being around more than 70 years, it still manages to ring in customers since opening in 1946.

I really love both coffee and fruits so I thought the retro style cafe wouldn’t be a bad place to try.


And so unlike what I imagined, this was quite a beautiful and stylish place, surrounded by a variety of colorful flowers.

After taking a seat I order a cafe au lait and fruit sandwich right away. When doing so, a waiter who looked to be about the same age as my mother (maybe the masters wife?) said that the cafe ore would take some time and asked if I was okay with waiting a bit.

Looking around it was true the place was packed so I thought it was worth waiting a bit if I could have delicious coffee.

Enter the voluptuous fruit sandwich


I thought I should wait until the coffee came out but the visuals of this thing were just so beautiful I couldn’t wait.

It was an extravagant sandwich that used over 10 different kinds fruits and it was so good! The fruits that were sandwiched between the soft bread and the sweet whipped cream produced a very elegant taste. I ended up eating half of it before the coffee even came out.

Finally it was time for the legendary master’s entry

After waiting about 5 more minutes, the master made his way over to our table. However, the master didn’t bring out the cafe ole we ordered, but brought out a stepladder in hand. Is he trying to change a light bulb or something? After setting up the stepladder, he returned  to the kitchen once and when he appeared in front of us again, he was holding two coffee pots in each hand.

Then he got on the stepladder…


He is pouring coffee and milk from there!!!

This is where this coffee shop shines.

Pouring cafe ore from the ceiling

Pouring coffee and milk from the ceiling which is barely 2.5 meters in height at the same time gave it a well rounded flavor, and the creamy foam was so foamy that even after 30 minutes it didn’t disappear.

This alone left quite a big impact but what really surprised me was…


Although he was vigorously pouring from that height, he barely made a splash outside of the cup. This is definitely something that can’t be done without honed skills. Pouring a cafe ole from the ceiling was not just a simple performance.

By the way there seem to be a certain number of different performances they do here. During non peak hours at the cafe, there is even a service where they pour coffee directly into the customers mouth. The day we went seemed quite busy but they served each and every customer well and the since the master is such a fun guy, he will even play various tricks on customers (as for the specifics, I have to keep it a secret).

I really felt the master was a guy who even after 70 years since opening, cared deeply about making coffee and provided excellent care to this customers. This is definitely a place I can recommend if you happen to find your way in Nagoya!